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Homeschooling And Internet Addiction

Internet companies are learning what the tobacco and alcohol industries have long known – addiction is good for business. As Internet Addiction becomes a popular topic on the news, I keep thinking about how it relates to homeschoolers. In the Newsweek article is the Web Driving Us Mad? It says that “a preponderance of research shows “a link between Internet use, instant messaging, emailing, chatting, and depression among adolescents,” as well as to the “strong relationships between video gaming and depression.” It goes on to say, “The latest Net-and-depression study may be the saddest one of all. With consent of the subjects, Missouri State University tracked the real-time Web habits of 216 kids, 30 percent of whom showed signs of depression. The results, published last month, found that the depressed kids were the most intense Web users”. This doesn’t have to be the case for your children! There are a few things that I think can safeguard you from advocating Internet addiction. While you have your kids at home and you are responsible for their education, consider the percentage of classes your children take online; the fewer the better in my opinion. Maybe consider making non-computer curriculum a prioritized criterion in your search for new curriculum. An important balance to maintain as a homeschool family is the need for technology education and free time on the computer. By monitoring your children’s digital media intake you can make sure that they don’t waste too much time and don’t develop signs and symptoms of internet addiction. Through MRI scanning, Internet addiction has been identified as causing the same kind of changes in the brain as those seen in people addicted to alcohol and cocaine. Before you totally freak out and quit using the Internet altogether, is encouraged, you aren’t automatically addicted because you or your student is online frequently. The Internet is a very useful tool that can aid in learning and life activities and it is at your fingertips to utilize! Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the huge database and helpful schooling supplements and the occasional enjoyment you may find on pinterest! I know I do! Most online activities release dopamine into the brain’s pleasure centers, addiction happens with this lead to an unhealthy obsession with these pleasure-seeking experiences. Those who are addicted usually feel helpless against stopping their Internet action. It becomes the absolute priority in their life and their real world relationship usually suffers severely. I don’t mean to be frightening any parents out there! I just want to spread awareness so that you can have a leg up on any potentially harmful activity. Just do your best to keep a balanced monitor on your students digital media intake and you will be just fine!

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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Me

The clock is ticking, and the countdown continues, with 47 days til Christmas, its time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the special man (or men!) in your life. Here is I Need Pampering top picks at the best Christmas gift experiences we think hell love:

1. Platinum Paintball Experience
We all know a mans perfect day would be spent dressed up in head to toe camo paint and utility clothing, re-enacting their favourite action movie with a bunch of their friends a paintball experience is the ideal way for him to channel his inner soldier and have a bit of fun at the same time! This package is for 8 people, including free equipment hire, free access to Ministry of Paintballing around the UK with multiple mission scenarios and a free lunch to keep them full of energy.

2. Whiskey Tasting Evening
Maybe apt for the older generation gentleman, this experience focuses mainly on the Scottish whiskey producers, by the end of the night youll be able to tell your Glenmorangie from your Glen Fiddich. Offering a touch of music, storytelling and discussion to enhance this experience it is a chance for your man to indulge and enjoy in style and sophistication.

3. Ferrari Thrill Driving Day
For those adrenaline junkies and car enthusiasts, why not treat them to a driving day! Theyll get a chance to get behind the wheel of the most expensive cars in the world. A supercharged day that will include lap sessions in a Ferrari 360; theyll be able to handle the car for themselves and experiencing the incredibly power engine. Theyll even get a presentation certificate to mark this special day and remember it forever!

4. Falconry Experience
Perfect for animal lovers, this day includes the handling of bird of prey, owls and Hawks. An incredible experience which lets you get up close to these amazing birds with one-to-one tuition in handling the birds and making equipment. Tea/Coffee is offered upon and arrival and lunch is also included.

5. Guys Spa Day Out
Not that theyll ever admit it, but every man loves a bit of R&R and time out from hectic day to day life. A day of complete revitalisation, hell come out like a new man! Hell be treated to a full body and scalp massage and a mandate facial, as well as full use of all spa facilities, so he can while away the day simply relaxing.

Whatever you decide to buy for the man in your life, remember, the most special gifts are unforgettable experiences.